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Joseph Bwette


Joseph keeps us financially accountable, organizes our books, and makes sure we are being wise stewards of the generosity bestowed upon The Zoe House. As hard as you might look, you won't be able to find a more humble man than him.

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Winnie Nasimbwa

House Mom

On the outside it might seem like the house mom cooks, cleans, and keeps peace in the house, but in reality, the house mom is a hope whisperer, a beacon of light beckoning others out of darkness, and a comforter who nurtures others back to life.

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Allen Mukankusi

Baking Instructor and Soul Care

A teenage mother herself, Allen can relate to the struggles our young mothers are currently facing while offering them tangible hope for their futures. She radiates joy, leaks love, and inspires mothers everywhere to persevere.

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Tiffany Kavuma

Celebrator of Life

Tiffany is a woman of wild obedience passionate about seeing women healed, set free and walking in their God-given purpose. As founder of The Zoe House, her desire is to love people back to life and see lives transformed for generations to come.

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Miriam Kauma


Miriam takes initiative, brings the best ideas to the table and is passionate about advocating for young, pregnant girls. She can be found in the trenches doing research, meeting with key organizations and brainstorming how to make The Zoe House better.