What’s in a name?

Support for pregnant moms

Years ago before I moved to Uganda the Lord gave me a vision of a house, a young Ugandan girl and the word “Zoe” spoken over this image. I had absolutely no idea what the word Zoe met, so I messaged my boyfriend at the time, now husband, and asked him if he already picked out a name for his daughter.

Of course, he hadn’t thought that far, but when I told him about my vision he pointed me to ZoeGirl, his favorite Christian band as a child. As I listened to their songs, I began to wonder why this band had the word Zoe in their name.

Google gave me the answer.

Zoe means life in Greek.

Not just any life though. It’s used to express eternal life,  the form of life that Jesus gives to those that believe in Him. I knew at this moment God had entrusted me with something, but it would take months of prayer before I discovered exactly what He wanted The Zoe House to become.

At The Zoe House, we are passionate about loving young expectant mothers back to life in Christ. And that’s also why your generosity goes to provide life-saving medical treatment, life-giving refuge, and life-changing education.

  • Tiffany Kavuma, Founder and Chief Celebrator of Life at The Zoe House

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